Are you a British, Commonwealth or Irish citizen who is a well-established resident in Switzerland or are you a newcomer to the country and don’t know about our Association? If you are then browse through our website and, if who we are and what we do is of interest, then we hope you will come and join our very active and lively Association which has a wide and ever-growing membership. 

Who are we?

Founded in 1946, the British Residents’ Association of Switzerland (BRA) is a non-profit organization constituted and organized in accordance with the Swiss Civil Code.

Where is the BRA located?

The BRA’s seat is in the Canton of Vaud and its office address is that of the current Secretary, Mrs Noreen Lucas, CP 30, 1617 Remaufens, Switzerland, Telephone/Fax: 021 7286255, E-mail: secretary@britishresidents.ch

The BRA covers the whole of Switzerland and is organized in six  regions, each with a Regional Chairman. The Regions are: Central, North-East, North-West, Romandie East, Romandie West, Ticino & Grisons. 

There is an elected National Chairman and a supervisory central Council. 

 Who can join?

Membership is open to:

British, Commonwealth, and Irish citizens living in Switzerland and its environs together with those who have, or have had a close connection with a person who is eligible for membership, or who have had close connections with the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, or Ireland.

What does membership cost?

There is a CHF 20 Entrance Fee payable on admission for persons living at the same address. The current annual subscription is CHF 60 for a single person and CHF 80 for a couple at the same address.

 What are the benefits of membership?

The BRA:

  • provides advice and information
  • facilitates contacts and friendships with other English-speakers and with Swiss people
  • organizes lunches and dinners, sometimes with a guest speaker, drinks parties, tea parties and BBQs
  • organizes visits to museums, art galleries, musical events with discounted tickets, gardens of special interest,  etc. etc.
  • organizes an annual Queen’s Birthday Party in each of the Regions
  • publishes a quarterly Bulletin with details of upcoming and past  BRA and other events, information of concern to the British community and articles of general interest
  • acts as an interlocutor with the British Embassy in Berne and with other Embassies of members on matters affecting the community