NE – Wilkingen/Hallau Vineyard Visit, 4 September 2016

The weather stayed kind for our horse drawn tour of the vineyards on 4 September. We were 11 BRA members and 7 guests from the Schaffhausen area. The event began at the Wilkingen/Hallau train station and we travelled the short distance to Wilkingen village where two horse drawn wagons awaited us. The larger wagon with three horses could take 18 people and the smaller with two horses, 10 people. As we were 18 adults, plus two children and two dogs, so there was plenty of room.
Vineyard owners, Brian and Lynsey Strong, travelled with us. We alighted at their property and Brian gave a twenty-minute talk on the background and details of vine cultivation, vine types and the associated work.
We returned in our horse drawn vehicles to the Wilkingen cellar for the wine tasting itself. Brian continued his talk with information on problems, costs and success of the local wine industry. The whole event was well received and we all departed back to Schaffhausen in a cheerful mood fuelled by the wine!

Robert Dean