TI – Garden Visit, 27 March 2017

The garden was looking stunning on this mild, sunny, windless afternoon for the BRA visit.

Amelia Smithers gave a short talk about her father’s creation, saying that often a garden dies when its owner dies but that in this case this was not at all true, since Sheila and Adolf are doing such a great job of maintaining the garden Sir Peter Smithers created and at the same time making it their own.

Three members came from as far away as Zurich and Geneva and two of them for the 3rd time. This is a garden that merits frequent visits as each time there is something different to see in this world-famous garden. We are most grateful to Sheila and Adolf for their generosity and their welcome every spring.

We much appreciated all the work done earlier on to keep the paths and steps safe and in good shape as well as the sensitive trimming of some of the magnolias, camellias and shrubs in order to keep an open vista and allow smaller plants to develop.

Penny Osti

You can see all the photos here!