T&G – Garden Visit Waterfall Plaza, 22 March 2016

On a warm sunny afternoon on 22 March a small but dedicated group of BRA members visited this world-famous garden which was looking extraordinarily beautiful. This inspite of the massive snow fall during the night of 4th to 5th March, which broke off many flower-laden branches with the weight of the snow. Adolf and Sheila woke up early on the 5th to find the damage and got to work to limit further damage, since the gardeners could not get in for another week with the huge amount of snow blocking access to the property.

Amelia Smithers gave us an short talk about her father’s ideas for his ‘Shangri-La’ planned many years before he settled in Switzerland.

After visiting the garden we enjoyed Sheila and Adolf’s generous hospitality and lively conversation until the late afternoon over delicious strawberries and other delicacies.




BRA event photos