RE – Round Table, 7 March 2016

Romandie East Region started the New Year with its first monthly roundtable on 7 January at Le Panetier café at Sion train station.  It had been snowing all day long and the roads were not the best to drive on but in true Swiss style participating members ventured out and got there safely.

Many were surprised when they entered the café, as they hadn’t been there for a few years, and found that it had really changed.  There is an amazing stone built, wood burning oven, where artisanal speciality breads are baked.  This was also a pleasant surprise for some members who will be buying bread there in the future.

The staff were friendly, service was good, conversation and drinks flowed and a great time was had by all at this first roundtable in Romandie East.  Some of us returned home by train whilst others stood outside the café for a few moments when it closed to talk about our up and coming future events before facing the snowy road conditions.

There have been two more Round Table since 7 January and it has been pleasing to see that there has been a steady increase in the number of participants.

Deborah Gorsatt



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