NE – Visit to the Galleria il Tesoro, 26 August 2016

A group of BRA members attended an accrochage on 26 August at a pop-up gallery (i.e. temporary premises) in Seefeld, Zürich, used by the Galleria Il Tesoro. Thanks to traditional ties to the BRA, we were kindly invited by Mr. Eberhart, the gallery owner who showed us around and gave a talk detailing his present activities.
Since his previous auction gallery had to close to make way for real estate development, Mr Eberhart has specialized in the administration of artists’ estates. Ensuring their legacy through continued engagement with the market and increasing the interest in the works of chosen, recently deceased Swiss artists involves making an inventory, selecting the works likely to be of interest to the market, and then publicizing the artist’s work. Apart from the necessary cataloguing it is a PR investment in the reputation of an artist considered to be of lasting interest by means of exhibitions and specialized information. To this end Mr. Eberhart has moved to premises in Altendorf/Lachen, in canton Schwyz, but within easy reach of Zürich in order to be able to house what is now a sizeable collection of works (around 15,000) retrievable with the help of a computer catalogue. The gallery also exhibits the canton Schwyz’ collections. Pictures can be viewed in Altendorf or, as at present, in Zürich where a limited selection of works is presented for sale.
We saw oil paintings, watercolours, collages, lithographic prints, etc. by a variety of local artists such as Fritz Butz, Walter Emil Müller, at prices varying from a few hundred to several thousand francs.
On a personal note, BRA member Joanne Finnegan told us of her excitement at having one of her mountain paintings accepted and hung at London’s Royal Academy.
The group also appreciated the refreshments offered on this warm and sunny evening, which was both enjoyable and instructive. For more information about the Galleria Il Tesoro visit the website at:

Frances Filon