13 – Useful websites

Swiss NewsThe Website for the Swiss Confederation/ the Swiss Government. By clicking on this link, you will come to just the right place for all the information you need on Switzerland’s federal authorities and the way in which they function.
You will also find direct links to the seven government departments and their affiliated federal offices, to the Federal Chancellery, to parliament and to the Federal Courts.
There is one thing about this site that you will probably notice straight away, namely its multilingual nature. The content is usually available in at least three languages and occasionally even in five languages as selected information is also provided in Romansh and English.
This is the national gateway to Switzerland. It is Switzerland’s electronic business card and the main point of access to online information from the federal government, the cantons and local authorities in German, French, Italian, Romansh and English.

The website of the Swiss Statistics Office. The Swiss Statistics Web site is maintained by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO). This platform enables providers of public statistics in Switzerland to disseminate their statistical findings.

MySwitzerland has information about Swiss tourist destinations and things to do in Switzerland. You can book, accommodation, find out what events are happening, ski resort information, education in Switzerland and much more. sign up for our free monthly MySwitzerland.com newsletter and take advantage of, online bookable special offers for you and/or your family, news about Switzerland, insider tips, regional events (excursion tips, markets, celebrations and much more).

 AngloINFO is an online media company providing local business directory, classified advertising and information services in the English language. AngloINFO is the world’s top network of websites for English-speakers living abroad. It operates in many regions of countries around the world providing vital support and information to the local international communities.

Xpat Exchange gives information on Switzerland and contacts within Switzerland for new arrivals.

The Geneva Welcome Center gives a lot of information on Geneva for new arrivals.

Swiss Info is a  Swiss news website in English.

Swiss World is a site with general information on Switzerland, People, Geography, Leisure, Environment and history.

Here is the official website of the Swiss railways, for schedule information, booking tickets and holidays.

The official websites for Geneva airport and Zurich Airport

Finally here you can find a current list of lawyers supporting British Nationals in Switzerland. The version at the time of writing (as a pdf) was updated in May 2013