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This portal is intended to direct you to websites that provide general guidance on pertinent subjects to citizens of the United Kingdom. It may also prove helpful to Commonwealth citizens and nationals of other countries who are resident, or who are planning to live in Switzerland.
Information on these websites is of a general nature only and questions regarding work or residence permits should be addressed to the your own or Swiss Embassies. First, however, check to see whether the information you need can be found on the U.K.  general website. On one or two of the topics in the sub-pages, where there is no website that provides a good summary. In those cases, text has been substituted. This may not be as up-to-date as the website from which it was taken.
One of the aims of the BRA is to provide advice and assistance to its members and support their interests. This is achieved through co-operation and collaboration with the people of Switzerland so that British residents and visitors may fully enjoy the hospitality and friendship of their Swiss hosts.A Bulletin is issued four times a year giving details of all events, latest information regarding living in Switzerland, and any information that is thought to be of interest to the members. It also lists all the other English speaking social clubs, churches, schools etc., in Switzerland. The Association extends a warm welcome to all citizens of the United Kingdom, the British Commonwealth and the Republic of Ireland who reside in Switzerland, or wish to do so, or have connections with Switzerland and invites them to apply for membership.Much of the information contained on the websites shown here is subject to change without notice. The British Residents’ Association cannot therefore vouch for its accuracy. It is reasonable to assume that British and Swiss government websites are authoritative, and in cases of conflicting information these should be preferred to commercial and non-governmental sites.You are invited to explore the pages below which provide helpful links to external websites full of information. Just click on the links which are underlined and usually in blue to go to the site we have discovered!

 Page Subject  Last updated
1. Background to Switzerland 23.07.2014
2. Residence in Switzerland. 23.07.2014 
3. Taxation in Switzerland 23.07.2014
Tax, Domicile, Inheritance Tax, Matrimonial Regime and Wills
5. Voting rights and voter registration for Expat 14.05.2016
Rights and Obligations of British Residents Regarding Social Security 23.07.2014
Vehicles 23.07.2014
Embassies and Consulates
British and English-speaking clubs 23.07.2014
Museums 23.07.2014
11 Schools and Colleges 23.07.2014
12. Care of the Elderly 23.07.2014
13. Useful websites 23.07.2014