English Theatre Live

English-speaking theatre lovers – Would you like to see a National Theatre Production Live in HD in a cinema near you?

The National Theatre in London is showing productions Live in HD all over the world. They recently showed “The Audience” with Dame Helen Mirren, who won the Olivier Award for best actress in it. I tried to have it shown in Basle or anywhere in Switzerland with no success. Apparently there is no distributor for Switzerland. I then contacted them directly and explained that there was a large English-speaking community in Basle (pharmaceutical industry etc), in Zürich (large international city) and Geneva (all the international organizations) and why was it not possible to find a distributor for Switzerland.

My theory is that if enough people show interest, we might get things moving. The homepage of National Theatre Live is:

http://ntlive.national theatre.org.uk .

At the bottom of the homepage on the right, more or less level with “Arts Council” is the word “feedback”. Press it and express your wish to see NT Live performances near you. The more we are, the better the chances!

I received a reply from NT saying they were hoping to be able to broadcast in the future in Switzerland and were looking for new venues that meet multiple criterea. They gave me a link for possible venues to contact them directly – so if you feel you have a cinema near you, preferably one already broadcasting ”Live at the Met”, tell them to contact:


in view of broadcasting future NT productions.

The performances to come are:

Macbeth” with Kenneth Brannagh 20th July 2013

Othello” with Adrian Lester and Rory Kinnear 26th September 2013

Coriolanus30th January 2014

Also as encores

Hamlet” with Rory Kinnear from 22nd October 2013

Frankenstein”, Director Danny Boyle

with Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller from 31st October 2013

I hope to have sparked your interest and that we may soon enjoy these performances in Switzerland!

Thank you for your support.

Sylvia Wehrli, Binningen, BRA North-West Region