Michael Linde 1926 – 2011

Michael Linde MBE, who was the BRA Chairman from 1993 to 1996, will be remembered in many ways – for his love of life and fun, his great interest in trains, collection of ties, a host of legendary lunches and festive decorations which stayed up all year. Michael’s early career after wartime service in the Royal Air Force was in teaching, specialising in mathematics, which may have been the foundation for his meticulous record keeping. He came to Switzerland in 1958 as an Assistant Master at the newly created Aiglon College. During his 15 years there, he became successively a House Master, Dean and Administrative Director. As a House Master, he was said to be fair and generous with his personal time and in his administrative role, he was remembered as being always quietly spoken and easy to deal with. From Aiglon, Michael moved as Administrative Director to Chatelard School in Les Avants, an international finishing school for girls. Appointments followed later at the Canadian Junior College and Lausanne University until he was invited by the Swiss businessman, Henri Lavanchy, to become the Secretary of the prestigious Club de Bonmont. He applied his schoolmaster’s principles there and each member enjoyed his firm but friendly approach. He was most professional in running the golf section and international competitions. With his support, one of the competitions – the Nation’s Cup is still played today.

Michael Linde was born in London in 1926 and died in Littlehampton, West Sussex, on 18 December 2011 after a long illness which he bore with great dignity. It was during his time at Aiglon College that he married Esther Carlisle a widow, and helped raise the younger of her children as his own. He was a BRA Member for 25 years and was honoured with the MBE for his services to the British community.

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