BRA Council

Officers of the Association:
Chairman: Graham Robertson
Vice-Chairman: Angela Meier-Jones
Hon. Treasurer: Vacant
Regional Chairmen:
Central Region Sam Eldin
North-East Region
Joanna Koch
North-West Region Angela Meier-Jones
Romandie West Region Michael Bruce
Romandie East Region Andrew Konecki
Ticino & Grisons Penny Osti
Council Coordinators:
Advertising Vacant
Bulletin Editor Michael Type
Bulletin Coordinator Joanna Koch
Sponsorship Vacant
Legal Andrew Konecki
Membership BRA Secretary
Welfare Vacant
Embassy Relations Max Bishop
Other Council Members:
Alan Chalmers
Diana Divo
Robert Dean Deborah Gorsatt
Beverly Ortelli
 Joy Sandoz
Nigel Coombs
Noreen Lucas
Case Postale 30
CH-1617 Remaufens
Tel/Fax: 021 728 62 55
Post Office Account: 17-55708-4
IBAN: CH38 0900 0000 1705 5708 4

and here you can see what they all look like: