His Excellency the British Ambassador to Switzerland & Liechtenstein
David Moran
The BRA was founded in 1946 by Kenneth Liddell OBE, who at that time pursued his self-imposed task of developing the welfare of British Residents and was instrumental in improving facilities for the British Community vis-à-vis the Swiss and U.K. authorities. Our patron is His Excellency The British Ambassador to Switzerland.The aims of the Association are to provide information, advice and assistance to its members, to support their interests and to co-operate in every possible way with the people of Switzerland in promoting friendship and enjoying Swiss hospitality. We achieve these aims through luncheons or dinners, sometimes with well known and influential speakers, cocktail parties and cultural events.

On our website, members are able to access reports on past events together with photographs, occasional historical, legal and financial articles, together with information from the Embassies of Commonwealth countries.

We invite citizens of Commonwealth countries who are, have been, or intend to become residents of Switzerland to join our membership.

You will receive a quarterly bulletin that includes details of future and past events as well as information from our close contacts at the various Embassies on health, insurance, pension, travel, security and passport arrangements.
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The former Embassy page has been deleted as all this data is now in our Information Portal.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation you can contact us through the Assistance page.

Chairman David Pilsworth