BRA Survey of Members (Test)

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1. Please select your age-group: Less than 4041-5051-6566-80Over 80

2. How long have you been in Switzerland (or nearby areas): years

3. In which canton do you live?: 

Country of residence

In which other country:

4. What brought you to live in this area? :

Reason you came to CH

Please give your reason:

5. Do you live as Single personWith partner

6. Do you have family in Switzerland or its environs? : FamilyNo Family

7. What is your work status: Full-timePart-timeRetiredSemi-RetiredNot employed

8. Are you a member of other professional, social or sports clubs?: Other ClubsNo Other Clubs

Other Clubs

Please specify your other clubs:

9. What outdoor activities / sports do you enjoy? :

10. What Indoor activities do you enjoy? :

11. Do you use social media?:

Other Social Media

Please specify the other Social Media:

12. What do you expect the BRA to provide for its members? : Social GatheringsSocial Contact informationInformation for expatriatesOther

Other events for the BRA

Please describe the other events:

13. In how many BRA events did you participate last year? :01-34-6More than 6

14. In which BRA events do you participate?: Lunches / DinnersExcursionsCultural visitsAGMQueen's Birthday PartiesOnly Regional eventsOther

Other Events participated

Please name the other events:

15. Which have been your favourite events over the last 2 years?:

16. What is your reason for not attending BRA events?: Events not of interestToo expensiveToo far to travelTransport difficultiesTime of eventsOther

Other reasons for non-attendance

Please give your other reason:

17. Would you like the BRA to organize more of the following events: with guest speakerwithout guest speakeron weekdaysat weekends
17a. Social events : midday lunchesevening dinnersround tablesbook clubsOther.

Other Social events

Please mention the other events:

17b. Cultural events: Theatre visitsConcertsArt ExhibitionsMuseumsOther

Other Cultural events

Please quote the other cultural events:

BRA Communication with members

18. Do you read the BRA bulletin? Most of itParts of itNone of it

Parts of Bulletin you read

Which parts of the bulletin do you read:

Why you do not read the Bulletin

Please give your reasons for not reading the Bulletin:

18a. Would you prefer to receive the Bulletin by e-mailpost

We are working to make the BRA website more user-friendly.

19. Do you use the website Most of itPart of itNone of it RegularlyOccasionally

Parts of Website used

Please itemize the parts you refer to:

Why do you not use the Website?

Please give reasons for not using it:

19a. Have you any suggestions for improving the website. Please list them in the box below:

BRA Management

20. Would you be willing to help with the Organization of BRA events locally? YesNo

21. Would you be willing to help with the Organization of BRA events nationally? YesNo

22. What do you like most about the BRA?

23. What do you like least about the BRA?

24. What are your suggestions for improving the BRA?

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